Pool Cleaning Service HHI

Scheduled Pool & Spa Cleaning Service of HHI / Bluffton

Pool Cleaning Service of Hilton Head Island / Bluffton

Pool Cleaning

Our weekly swimming pool and spa cleaning service includes:

  • Chemical Balance Analysis
  • Chemical Adjustment
  • Water level adjustment
  • Pool Equipment Checkup
  • Skim Surface
  • Brush Tiles
  • Vacuum
  • Empty skimmers
  • Empty pump basket
  • Empty pool cleaner bag/basket
  • Backwash filter

The weekly pool cleaning Service HHI provided by Quality pools is typically for unscreened swimming pools with or without spas. Our typical service includes filter cleaning, tile brushing, wall brushing, basket cleanings, vacuuming, checking the pool chemistry and netting of debris. These services are performed every visit, regardless of what we see during our visual inspection.

For screened in pools that don’t experience a lot of debris, bi-weekly service is usually adequate. The bi-weekly pool cleaning service is designed to save the cost of unneeded cleaning, due to the protection offered by the screen enclosure.

Specialty Cleanings & Services

For customers that have more specific needs not covered in our general pool maintenance plans – such as fountain cleanings, multiple cleanings per week due to excessive debris, one-time cleanings, etc. – we will tailor our service to your needs. Often, we create custom pool maintenance routines and schedules that keep all of our customers enjoying their pool year round. We can perform services three times a week or once a month. We can even take care of the one task that you just hate.

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